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The best niche aroma of 2018, I would call Music for a While Frederic Malle. Not even so much for the beauty and charisma that it undoubtedly has, but for the fact that Music for a While finally erased, etched, incinerated the already flimsy gender and age boundaries of the wine glass genre.

The best niche aroma of 2018, I would call Music for a While Frederic Malle. Not even so much for the beauty and charisma that it undoubtedly has, but for the fact that Music for a While finally erased, etched, incinerated the already flimsy gender and age boundaries of the wine glass genre.

2018-th in General could be called the year of wine glass compositions with lavender, fragrant herbs, citrus and moss. The most boring and worn out in the past, the subject suddenly began to play, and is alive again! Wine glasses are now not only in the men's perfume departments and not only in the mass market. They have captured the attention of freedom-loving women and are already selected with a bunch of lavender to the ladies with a traditional taste.

No matter how beautiful Music for a While is, it will share the first place with Nudiflorum Nasomatto. I could not choose between them, because both are good and important. The leather theme is also now experiencing a hundred thousandth birth and new popularity. A whole generation of people grew up who did not know the leather chypre with isobutylquinoline, and perceive the biting, black-green skin as something innovative.

The best niche perfume 2018 among the inexpensive-Molinard de Molinard. Amazing triumphant return of fresh, green and aldehyde composition exactly when we really need it. Anyone who is tired of UDA and sugar should try Molinard de Molinard at least.

On the second place in this nomination will put a beautiful discord chypre Udaipur Etro. He, too, as if from the past, but sounds modernly and is etched in memory.

The best niche collection of 2018 was published by Sylvaine Delacourte. La collection Vanille may not be the most innovative and bold, with uncomplicated mythology, but needed by people. Five scents. Five angles. No overdose of sugar and no cliché that niche is already pretty fed up.

Best niche brand 2018 years — Parfums Dusita. I will not get tired to represent, I will not get tired to praise. The owner of Parfums Dusita Pescara, Mavican — the genius of perfumery, communication, creativity, marketing, and all that is needed for the release of beautiful spirits, from which it is difficult to choose any one. Her fragrances are angels.

Perfume breakthrough of the year-Genevieve 1907 Perfumes. A small niche store from Bratislava decided to make their perfume and made it so that the entire perfume press and hundreds of connoisseurs of good perfume literally went crazy. In Russia, the brand will certainly be, but for now you can order samples from the site or ask your friends, because many Genevieve have already bought and enjoy.

Return of the year-L'iris de Fath Jacques Fath, which painstakingly, bit by bit recreated the new owners of the brand Jacques Fath. They rummaged through the archives and the entire Internet, found everyone who wrote about the legendary Iris Gris (including me) and everyone who owned samples of live perfume. Descriptions, recipes and aurally the four perfumers have tried to recreate the delicate, fruity-sandalwood iris Jacques Fath, but best of all did the young perfumer Patrice Pevear. Iris with a slightly changed name came out in a limited edition at an absolutely impossible price and never reached Russia. But he's beautiful. will be in Paris, take a look at Jovoy or Sens unique.

The best presentation of 2018 is the visit of Alessandro Gualtieri, a fighter with red depression, November proser and pathos. It was unusual, strange, but fun.

Stir of the year-Facking Fabulous Tom Ford. To raise such a fuss about nothing should be able to.

The best popular fragrance of 2018 among the expensive-Amouage Love Tuberose. Almond and cream Fudge, melted ice cream and beautiful tuberose in a bottle of creamy color. As for me, Love Tuberose is a pure, unalloyed maiden joy that does not require olfactory experience and some special sophistication. But expensive.

In second place in this category can not fail to mention the rebirth of the Sicily D&G, but the honey-sweet perfume of the past made a cheerful mix of lemonchello, neroli, pigeon droppings and delicate suede. Beautiful, difficult, but without zaumi.

In General, the new compositions addressed to the mass taste have become more complex. That's because the best flavor 2018, the year the Suite to choose was very hard. A beautifully made: Narciso Rodriguez with hot Rouge Givenchy L'interdit with memorable. But I think the best crystal fresh Carat Cartier.

I have nothing to say about men's fragrances in the Suite. There is still conservatism and despondency. Wait till someone breaks through next year.

Chanel certainly has the best collection of luxury fragrances in 2018. In Les Eaux de Chanel three fresh and, at first glance, simple Cologne, of which we are with you is needed at least one. You can argue to hoarseness, which of them is valuable for the mother of history, but this occupation is hopeless. All three have some sort of invisible hooks. I was hooked Deauville his relationship with the great Eau Sauvage and how the theme of wild freshness migrated into a feminine flavor. Vintage and collectors will appreciate the bottles of Les Eaux de Chanel-a copy of the original old bottles Chanel, and practical people are already in full wash bath line, which Les Eaux de Chanel added.

The best advertising and marketing in the Suite is Aura Mugler. This presentation with alien beauty Zhenya Katava, and endless actions, and new forms of bottles. The last drop — fragrant gel pencils.

From myself not as from criticism I will add that 2018 was the year of roses. Roses were everywhere: in the landscape, in bouquets, in bottles, in cosmetics and even in food. Among colleagues passion rose wore even those who swears he does not like roses. Pink theme comes now not on the forehead, it is covered with freshness, dew, water, herbs, berries, other colors (Uermi Or Damask, black Swan Brocard, Blouse YSL. But the most popular combination is rose + patchouli and rose+currant.

The discovery of 2018 among niche fragrances is Lost Paradise Urban Scents. Rarely, what kind of perfume I can wear without taking off for almost two weeks.

Vintage finds in 2018 was a lot, but the most, perhaps, unusual-the first issue of Amouage Ubar 1996 with its lush flowers, indecent animalikoy and stupid bottle of Pierre Dinan.

Return of the year-Gucci Pour Homme. After years of unsuccessful hunting restored in the collection and revel in his dark power.

For me personally, an important collection of the year is Noble Royale, because it is made on a historical theme by talented people and made beautifully, in vintage style. I appreciate three out of five scents.

The promotion of fragrances 2018 is interesting because the position "I'm the smartest here, I'll tell you everything now", with which both paper magazines and their electronic versions were broadcast, has finally passed into the past. Expert opinion plays an increasingly smaller role. and the reputation of the expert is questioned (especially if he just rewrites a press release or sculpts gross errors in the article). People now trust those around them, but a little more passionate about the topic. This is good, because the local authority is more accessible, and bad, because often such people spread myths and dense superstitions, from which the hair on end. But nothing can be done. You can only watch where it all leads.


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