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My acquaintance with Les Eaux Armani Prive collection was as rapid as the raid of Pechenegs and Polovtsians. One January evening I read the news of the release of four new flavors Armani Prive, two of which were with the magic words "jasmine" and "rose" in the name, and the next morning I came across them in the corner of the brand. "In the morning in the paper, in the evening in the bill of sale." First impressions immediately recorded in the telegrams, but after a few months of joyful possession has something to add.

The biggest love is Jasmin Kusamono - a thunderstorm in a washed garden in May with everything blooming. Wolverine, cherries, lilacs, fruit trees for this botanical (pistica/pistica) love have been dressed in white and pink. A cool still wind raised vortices and confetti whirlwinds from the fallen petals, and it was somehow especially festive. Jasmin Kusamono is the most fragrant and precise answer to the question where to look for the aroma of a blooming spring garden. Actually, it just doesn't happen.

Armani Prive Jasmin Kusamono, 2020

Dominique Ropion

Pink pepper, pear, jasmine, ylang, gardenia, lily, neroli, white musk, amber, cedar, sandal.

The beautiful Rose Milano is a portrait of a lady, only a very young lady with porcelain skin and red curls. Fresh pink dew, cool with Franchacorte bubbles, black currant marmalade and barefoot on the wet ground for a date in the dark depths of the garden. Kiss! Tender and innocent, seemingly simple, behind which hides the indomitable character of a classic slate. The same "breed" that cannot be replaced by any learned manners and expensive outfits.

In Rose Milano, two most modern "pink" themes - a fresh rose with a splash of currant juice and a passionate duo of rose + patchouli - easily, relaxedly and very harmoniously combined. To the delight of fans of roses and studs.

Armani Prive Rose Milano, 2020

Daphne Bugey, Marie Salamagne.

Lemon, pear, bergamot, rose, jasmine sambak, lily, sandal, patchouli, oak moss.

For lovers of the perfect picture from holiday Armani Privé prepared Gardenia Antigua. Turquoise to horizon water surface, white sand, bronze tanned skin, pareos and a wreath of predatory tropical flowers. Such a reliable feeling of salt on the lips and sunscreen in the palm of your hand that you want to squeeze your fists and this feeling is not to let go anywhere.

I hear in Gardenia Antigua elegant "sunny" ylang-and-tuberose chord, coconut cream, hot hugs of Indian jasmine and gardenia with its forest mushroom tones. I hear it and I want to go to a sea other than White.

Armani Privé Gardenia Antigua, 2020

Dora Baghriche-Arnaud, Harry Fremont

Mandarin, neroli, pink pepper, gardenia, ylang, jasmine, white musk, patchouli, amber.

Thé Yulong must be very popular with us because it is cool and fresh. Thé Yulong reminds us at once of all the fragrances on the theme of white tea with their roughness and straightness, with the tartness invisible in this transparent infusion of tannins, bitter green citrus and traditional for oriental tea cocktails of ginger and dried jasmine petals. The result is a frozen or so slowly changing picture that it seems motionless.

I like Thé Yulong, but more like the smell of space than the smell of man.

Armani Privé Thé Yulong, 2020

Julie Massé, Veronique Nyberg.

Lime, mandarin, jasmine, green tea, black tea, fleurdorange, vetiver, tree, iris.

After meeting the four new Armani Prive products, I found that the Les Eaux collection is not new at all, just somehow fell out of sight. So in the autumn of 2019 the collection Les Eaux came out gentle and full of gentle sun cologne Orangerie Venise, for which I now have big plans. The author - Dominique Ropjon collected in it all shades of citrus, from the greenest and bitter to sweet and red, took flowers, branches, leaves and even seems to be the bark of an orange tree. Plus, he undoubtedly used magic because he turned out to be an absolutely vintage cologne - the heir to the whole great cologne family, sounding at the same time young and modern.

Orangerie Venise, 2019.

Dominique Ropion

Bergamot, butch, bugarad, neroli, cedar, oak moss, ambroxane.

I definitely missed Pivoine Suzhou in 2015, and now in 2020 it seems too timid. In the few years since the release of Pivoine Suzhou, the floral aromas have grown stronger and brighter, as if they had become sharp on the fruit and musk clouds in which they had been knotted before. Pivoine Suzhou remains this cloud of whipped cream with wild raspberries and cherry petals. And no, looking for our Russian bitter honey peonies, this is the wrong peony.

Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou (2015)

Cecile Matton, Julie Massé.

Mandarin, raspberry, pink pepper, rose, peony, ambergris, musk, patchouli.

Figuier Eden is not the first attempt in perfumery to combine the incongruous - coconut creamy with greenery and freshness of figs and powdered iris aroma, a symbol of fertility and a symbol of sublime spiritual suffering. In the version of Armani Privé won the spirit, and the gray strict iris has overcome the cheerful sweetness and fresh green figs. Received a restrained, even austere fragrance with a subtle sweetness on top of rubber and dark greenery. To my great regret, the fragrance is slippery and completely diffuse.

Armani Privé Figuier Eden, 2012

Christine Nagel

Bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, green figs, toffee, ambergris.

The release of the lightweight, transparent Rose Alexandrie and Vétiver Babylone in 2008, I noted, I have approached the testers more than once, but I have tasted the fragrances properly only now with samples in hand. The powerful overall background of the Armani Privé collection and the store's background make it difficult to get acquainted with such watercolours. In Rose Alexandrie the most beautiful perfumery champagne was found - dry, golden, with cheerful bubbles, and for champagne soft cheese with fragrant orange honey and sweet strawberries. Except I didn't find any roses there.

Armani Privé Rose Alexandrie , 2008

Bergamot, tangerine, neroli, mimosa, rose, benzine.

Vétiver d'Hiver is the new name of the old Vétiver Babylone. It was and still is from a breed of fresh, "vegetable" vetiver with salad greens and spicy Italian herbs, only now it has more mint, icy water and large sea salt, as if all this garden bottle was covered with wet snow.

Armani Privé Vétiver Babylone, 2008

Alberto Morillas

Bergamot, citron, mandarin, cardamom, coriander, pink pepper, patchouli vetiver.


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