Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas, Clementine California, Santal Carmin, Vetiver Fatal

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Atelier Cologne brand for me unexplored. Each time I selectively clutch at something from different collections of her extensive line and from different shelves, but there is still no complete presentation. So now I managed to try four very different flavors.

Cedre Atlas - should evoke warm feelings among residents of the Persian Gulf countries and among connoisseurs of wood-amber compositions, and not at all with lumberjacks. I don’t feel any cedar here, I feel the smoke of Bahur smoldering chips and the warming weight of ambergris, the powerful pressure of the Evernil, beloved by many according to Baccarat Rouge MFK, and the bitterness of spicy vetiver from the very first seconds of the sound. Cedre Atlas sounds a bit monotonous and even. Not too diffuse, but sticks to the skin for a long time.

Cedre Atlas, Atelier Cologne, 2015

Jerome Epinette

Bergamot, blackcurrant buds, lemon, apricot, cedar, jasmine, papyrus, ambergris, vetiver.

Clementine California, for me, doesn’t smell like the name. On the skin there is a slight soapy freshness and the sweetish juice of a green apple, a cheerful spirit of aromatic herbs, a slight sourness and strawberry tones of lychee. Somewhere far away in the background red grapefruit reminds of itself. Very Russian perfumery profile. I think Clementine California should be very popular with us. Especially in summer.

Clementine California, Atelier Cologne, 2016

Jerome Epinette

Clementine, tangerine, juniper berries, star anise, basil, Sichuan pepper, cypress, sandalwood, vetiver.

Santal Carmin, I would call saffron carmine. A patterned golden tray on which medicines for black melancholy are scattered with a generous hand - creamy toffees, candied lemon and honey baklava. A palpably gourmet, sweet but delicate aroma with almost no plume. Salvation for those who want to wear oriental perfume to work.

Santal Carmin, Atelier Cologne, 2014

Jerome Epinette

Bergamot, lime, saffron, guaiac wood, musk, sandalwood, cedar, papyrus, vanilla.

What the hell! Vetiver Fatal is also not a vetiver and certainly not fatal. A soft, friendly aroma of fresh garden herbs, curly lettuce leaves, young and full of milk pea juice and juicy cabbage cobs. It does not develop too noticeably towards darker nettle greens and remains cute to the end. Another very Russian fragrance that meets our universal love for light, non-puzzle aromas. Rather, male.

Vetiver Fatal, Atelier Cologne, 2012

Bitter orange, lemon, bergamot, orange blossom, figs, violet leaf, cedar, oud, vetiver.


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