Bitter Peach Tom Ford

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Another hooligan name for Tom Ford. In fact, Bitter Peach is the scent of a teenage party when you want alcohol and all sorts of liberties, but parents are vigilant and regularly check if someone has added something stronger to the punch. Therefore, the flambe ice cream cake becomes the main dish and event.

An ice-cream blazing with a blue flame with slices of peach and guava, plentifully poured with bitter orange liqueur, the guests are greeted with a friendly squeal and clink of spoons. Sticky lips smeared with a photo. The holiday was a success.

Tom Ford was one of the first to notice that a new audience had grown up and needed to be entertained. He beckoned us into a new world with the pungent smells of tropical fruits (trend), complex spicy alcohol (trend again) and his signature magic ice cream that turns any dessert into a high perfumery.

Somewhere deep in Bitter Peach, I still smell the chocolate, burnt sugar and patchouli from the legendary first gourmet fragrance Angel Mugler. Literally a drop that adds meaning to Bitter Peach.

Yes, at the start it is harsh. Guava, papaya and other tropicana do not grow in our country, it is practically not found fresh and is more familiar from shower gels. But the foamy bitterness quickly recedes, and a sweet youthful scent remains.

Bitter Peach, Tom Ford, 2020

Peach, orange, cardamom, heliotrope, davana, rum, cognac, jasmine, benzoin, cashmeran, vanilla, tonka beans, labdanum, styrax, patchouli.


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