Gem Van Cleef&Arpels

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If I suddenly decided to match perfume to my favorite kitsch jewelry in the style of the TV series "Dynasty", it would certainly be Gem Van Cleef&Arpels. In the perfume incarnation of dragon gold and shining stones with a fist-typical for the 80 - ies of the last century, excessive white-flowered chypre. Such and only such spirits really fit the epithet "rich" with all its possible meanings.

Rich, but stingy. Gem poisons you with all the delicious animal poison that is in ylang and tuberose, intoxicates you with the sweetness of plum wine and peach jam, deafens you with burning spices and excites you with the proximity of some cold mysterious darkness that hides at the bottom of it. But he remains impenetrable, like a crystal. Not for a second does it become closer and closer. Gem you put on like a jewel and take off like a jewel, even without particularly warming.

Gem was released in 1987 at the end of fashion for such flavors, and in the 90's everything was flooded with watermelon and ozone freshness. Could he have survived? Excluded.

Gem Van Cleef&Arpels, 1987

Roger Pellegrino

Peach, plum, cypress, cardamom, coriander, rosewood, tuberose, rose, Jasmine, iris, ylang, clove, patchouli, vetiver, oak moss, amber, civet


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