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The young French brand Lorga Parfums writes about itself very sparingly: they were inspired by precious ingredients, we love perfumes since childhood, they chose the best for you. According to the choice of themes of aromas and design, one can assume the oriental roots of the authors: a heavy, polished glass bottle, a heavy gold lid with a schematic image of a silkworm - a booger, capable of smelling a love appeal for many miles. Blotters spread out on the table smell smoky and balsamic.

I have Rose d'Encens Lorga Parfums in my bottle, because I counted on 65 milliliters of traditional pink nectar, and I got a sweetish cyanide labdanum and a hot spicy clove. At the very beginning, you can still hear raspberry juice, and after the manifesto of spices, a bloody peony and a rose, but the main ones here are still not flowers. Rose d'Encens is resin and incense in all its power and in all its oriental splendor.

Rose d`Encens, Lorga Parfums, 2019

Alice Dattee

Bergamot, rose absolute, incense, labdanum, tonka bean, vanilla.

In general, it seemed to me that Lorga Parfums is not what it seems. Fresh white-flowered Musc Palawan smells not of musk at all, but of carefree summer, sea, beach, ripe pineapple, mango and yellow plums. The girlish and giggly Musc Palawan becomes sweeter by the end and is slightly powdered with light marshmallow powder, but still remains light.

Musc Palawan, Lorga Parfums, 2019

Alice Dattee

Bergamot, lime, sea notes, ylang, vanilla, honey, white musk.

Among colleagues writing about perfume, the most popular is perhaps Ambre Platine. It reminded me of the great Must Cartier in perfume, with its pine needle tartare, greasy earth, ganache and dark chocolate. Ambre Platine is more decorative and gourmet. The French dessert is a little more flavored with nuts, rum and spices than usual, and the resin and earth quickly recede into the background and are completely lost somewhere in the fragrant and sweet vapors.

Ambre Platine, Lorga Parfums, 2019

Sarah burri

Bergamot, tangerine, almonds, vanilla, pink berries, cinnamon, vanilla, white musk, amber, caramel.

Cuir Affiné the residual sweetness of tobacco smoke, perfume and spirits, absorbed into the dark wood of the bar counter and the squeaky leather of sofas. This is how the club smells in the morning after the party, when people have already drunk everything, smoked, told everything to each other, and the dawn sun scattered them home.

Cuir Affiné, Lorga Parfums, 2019

Camille leguay

Bergamot, lime, tuberose, milk notes, hazelnuts, leather, tobacco.

In Oud Yssée, I found those 65 milliliters of pink nectar that Rose d'Encens didn’t give me, but besides the rose with saffron, cream, coffee and vanilla syrup were splashed here with a generous hand, and it turned out a little sweeter than I like. The oud itself in Oud Yssée is very delicate and sounds like a trail of the smells of a big city (Paris), along which an oriental beauty walks with a glass of caramel latte.

Oud Yssée, Lorga Parfums, 2019

Camille leguay

Latte coffee, rose, immortelle, cinnamon, oud, vanilla, sandalwood.


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