Rose de Caroline Chopard

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Rose Carolina reminds me of an exercise for vision, when you need to look at something close and distant in turn. Near my eyes focuses on the dense thickets of scarlet and crimson roses, a living wall covering a tiny corner of a quiet garden in the city center. When the gaze rushes far away, the roses are blurred with shapeless scarlet spots, and at the very border of greenery and silence the patterns of the gilded lattice of garden gates subtly touching the street vibrations.

Scarlet passionate roses with spicy saffron and light metal chill Rose de Caroline made for Chopard's co-owner Caroline Scheufele perfumer Alberto Morias. It combined the working and personal, professional interest of the heiress of the old jewelry and watch house to precious metals and her passion for garden roses (according to Madame Scheufele, she has about three hundred of them).

At Rose de Caroline, you can feel the delicate Sentifolia rose and the full-blooded, spicy, clove-colored scent of Damascus rose. Precious spices are measured by a golden thimble, not by a generous handful as it would be at the Oriental bazaar, so Rose de Caroline is a beauty in scarlet silk and gold, but European beauty. For a greater effect, the designers put perfume in a bottle that exactly matches them, and the result is a simple work of art. To my sadness, very expensive and produced in a limited edition. I understand that few people can buy it, but at least try as an example of the perfect perfume portrait.

Rose de Caroline Chopard, 2018.

Alberto Morillas

Bulgarian rose, Sentifolia rose, patchouli, cinnamon.


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