Armand Basi in Blue Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml photo
  • Armand Basi in Blue Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml photo

Armand Basi in Blue Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml


In 2005, Armand Basi in Blue Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml, a bright, masculine, masculine fragrance that emphasizes masculine seductiveness, captivating and charisma, was released. This perfume was originally created as an alternative to various colognes with "pheromones" and other similar magical substances, which were supposed to bewitch any woman with their charms.

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Unlike these rather dubious and sometimes dangerous ways to attract women's attention, the aroma of Armand Basi in Blue Eau De Toilette For Men 100ml can really turn its owner into a real bald man, not knowing the bitterness of defeat on the love front. And the secret here is hidden not in the magic components, but in the skill and talent of perfumers who created this fragrance from the composition of eleven aromatic notes. This perfume is addressed to self-confident men who are endowed not only with attractiveness, but also with an excellent sense of humor, as well as knowledge of female psychology.

Armand Basi In Blue is a classic oriental perfume filled with the fragrance of exquisite flowers, warm woody notes and fragrant aromatic spices. Citrus variations of ripe mandarin, noble bergamot and fresh grapefruit, complemented by refreshing notes of fragrant coriander, are the top chord of this perfume. Such an aromatic combination emphasizes the majestic, passionate and courageous image of its owner, giving him disobedience, boldness and a little coquetry. Then the spicy citrus scale is replaced by floral and specific burning "heart". Spicy aroma becomes more pronounced and saturated, the character of the perfume is more temperamental. The composition of fragrant flowers of neroli, divine lotus and fresh black currant ignites an indomitable flame in women's hearts. Such a combination of aromas relaxes and warms up when you barely hear it, as if you are transferred to the rooms of a luxurious oriental palace, where the holiday of love does not stop for a minute. This feeling will not leave indifferent any lovely ladies. The "heart" of the perfume replaces the enveloping trail, the basis of which is made up of sexually calling notes of patchouli, intertwined with exotic woody fragrances and warm mossy notes of oak moss. This combination gives the perfume a unique charm, makes it unusual and interesting.

Armand Basi In Blue is a perfume for those who are accustomed to take the maximum out of life, despite the difficulties, which are much easier to overcome with this fragrance than without it.

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