Louis Vuitton Rhapsody EDP 100ml photo
  • Louis Vuitton Rhapsody EDP 100ml photo

Louis Vuitton Rhapsody EDP 100ml


Louis Vuitton Rhapsody is a fragrance created in 2021 by one of the best master perfumers of our time, Jacques Cavalier. It is part of the Les Extraits line, which currently has five fragrances in a concentrated version. The creator was inspired by the flower gardens and fields of the French city of Grasse, which give fragrance all year round and allow you to enjoy the beauty and harmony of nature.

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In the Louis Vuitton Rhapsody composition, the classic chypre is reimagined, Jacques Cavalier made it more feminine and alluring, adding delicate floral accords and complementing it with a refreshing green mate. Traditional notes of bitter-smoky, resinous patchouli and dry, woody, with subtle citrus vibes of vetiver sound in a new way framed by sweet languid jasmine, playful luxurious rose and gentle spring lily of the valley. Flowers add lightness and playfulness to the bouquet of the composition, balancing the sound of chypre accords. This dance is joined by musky and cool oakmoss, and the green tart notes of mate complete the overall pyramid and give the fragrance a fresh zest. Louis Vuitton Rhapsody is very persistent, luxurious and sillage, the personification of the character of an elegant and feminine lady. The bottle of the fragrance was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. A weightless veil, the play of the elements, impetuosity and unpredictability, all this is embodied in a real work of art - a transparent vessel made of thin glass is crowned with a hand-made metal cork.

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